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Donna Weng Friedman is a talented classical pianist, a dedicated music educator and a devoted parent. She is a passionate advocate for the importance of classical music and its esthetic, affective, intellectual and humanistic value. In this technological world, where classical music is often incorrectly associated with a more effete, and sometimes older segment of society, she has found a way to introduce young children to the delight that comes from experiencing some of the most treasured short pieces of the classical repertoire. Her MUSIC BEE CLUB APPS with their graphics, interactive participation and creative options invite children to become familiar with the music while they play on the iPad. Magically, children explore while the music guides them. The music is not in the background – it is the focal point. The music grabs the user’s attention. Donna’s APPS provide a new pathway to a special, expressive world that may be temporarily out of vogue for some, but that needs to be cherished by and preserved for generations to come.

                               Emily Pressman, Lower School Music Teacher, Trinity School

“The Music Bee Club” app series is a brilliant creation appealing to visual and auditory learners of all ages.  It sizzles with energy as it enriches the emotional, creative and intellectual mind. I know the profound effect that music can have on a child’s mood and these apps certainly make a positive impact!”

Pam Wolf,  Founder

New York Kids Club


“I loved Donna Weng Friedman’s app series, The Music Bee Club, an extremely imaginative and unique approach that introduces children to music. Colorful and fanciful, with wonderful music, this creatively designed interactive app will be asked for again and again. But that’s just the fun part!

A variety of studies have linked childhood exposure to musical experiences with greater capacity for self-regulation and improved memory skills associated with higher literacy, mathematical ability, and IQ.  Taken together, these studies clearly show that music is an important nutrient in children’s cognitive development, and as such, is a critical component of early childhood education.

Children will ask for the app because it is fun and holds their attention. Parents will appreciate the beneficial effects that stem from this musical exposure. It’s a win/win!”

Peter Abrons, Ph.D.

Family Therapist, NYC

“Donna Weng Friedman has created apps that charmingly and enchantingly invite children into a the world of classical music as listeners through story-telling, interactive animation, games, and do-it-yourself art. A generation of children will hear their first performance of The Flight of the Bumble Bee and The Swan through these apps, and they may wind up in a concert hall or ballet theater because of it.”

Bruce Adolphe: Composer, Director of Family Concerts

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Piano Puzzler, Performance Today

“Donna Weng Friedman’s app series is a wonderful entry point for students to be engaged in music.  Donna, an experienced and nurturing piano teacher herself, is well-aware of what will be worthwhile but also fun for students, and this is clear in what she has developed! It’s a bonus that the music featured in each is performed by world-class musicians.  This app series is an all-around win!”

Kate Sheeran, Director

The Mannes College of Music Preparatory Division

“Donna Weng Friedman’s interactive app series, The Music Bee Club, is a unique, refreshing and invaluable introduction to fine music for the young.

The importance of music study and its impact on academic performance is widely recognized by educators. The detailed, complex work inherent in the study of a musical instrument exerts a profound influence on a child’s ability to focus, concentrate and organize time. It encourages an earlier understanding of abstracts and improves spatial skills leading to greater math comprehension and problem solving.  Music is a significant contributor to a child’s growth and development

Donna has created the first steps into this important world of music for a young child. The Music Bee Club offers children the opportunity to begin life’s musical journey on the right note.”

Joan Behrens Bergman

Executive Director

Hoff-Barthelson Music School




From http://www.funeducationalapps.com/:

The Flight of the Bumble Bee- A Sensory Experience for Preschoolers, A Review

The Flight of the Bumble BeeThe Flight of the Bumble Bee looks like a story app, and it is, but it’s also a musical adventure, presented against the backdrop of Rimsky-Korsakov’s classic, “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”  Fly along with Little Bee as he encounters dangers in the garden.  Find out, will he make it safely to the other side?   The combination of animated storytelling and exciting music makes for lively entertainment for children ages 2-8.

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